Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Hungerford and Kintbury

Hello again,

We spent last night in Hungerford, although as usual mooring was difficult. We ended up breasted up again with David, but this time there was only just enough room for him to squeeze in between two other boats so we had to overlap on the outside.

Hungerford's a nice little town and we had lunch in The Swan Inn before meeting up with blog readers Barbara and Mike off n.b. Micky Jay.

It's always good to meet my readers. Quite often I think "shall I pack in the blog?" but then I meet a reader who persuades me to carry on for a bit longer.  As long as someone out there enjoys reading about our travels I'll keep on writing.  If it ever gets too boring, please let me know and I'll leave you all in peace.

Today we carried on to Kintbury which is another pretty little village with some beautiful thatched houses, a proper butchers as well as a small grocers/post office.

We got moored up early so that Roger could continue touching up the paintwork etc. ready for selling Fizzi. Things are still up in the air with the boat we've put a deposit on as there are some serious issues which need addressing before we can move forward. In the meantime we still love Fizzi and if the worst comes to the worst and we don't end up moving boat then at least she'll be sparking clean and immaculately turned out.

That's all for now, see you soon


Carol said...

It’s good to see Barbara and Mike (Micky Jay) still out and about, it’s several years since we last met up with them. Happy cruising.

Stuart said...

Just wanted to say I have read your blog daily since your amazing journey across the Wash, please keep going and if I win the lottery I'll be heading west to buy FA! Please keep the blog going!

Barbara Halsall said...

it was lovely to meet you, Roger and Dave in Hungerford. Thank you for taking the trouble to find us, you are such easy people to chat with. As you know I love reading your blog and your experiences are such a great help to us especially as we are following in your footsteps along the K and A towards Bristol. Bless you for dropping off the pot of homemade jam before you left on Monday morning, I must say I was quite envious when I saw the picture of your jam pot bubbling away on the stove. I might have a go one day. In the meantime your jam will be savoured with homemade scones and clotted cream as a special treat. Good luck with your plans, hope all works out the way you want and hope to meet up somewhere along the line again.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the lovely comments guys X