Sunday, 7 August 2011

On to Evesham

The weather’s been a bit mixed today, sunshine and showers , but we missed the worst of it as we were moored up for lunch. We passed several large caravan parks right beside the river.

caravan park with the weir top left
Unfortunately many of these are affected by flooding so the caravans all have cantilever floatation tanks fitted beneath them. These rise up with the water then, as the levels subside, return the caravan back into position.

green floatation tanks underneath all the caravans
My photo isn’t very clear as the sun angle was wrong but if you’re interested you can see better photos HERE

We’re now moored in Evesham, opposite the rowing club. As we moored up, a brass band stared playing in the bandstand over in the park and this made washing the side of the boat so much more pleasant. You should have seen how thick the spiders webs were! We’ll turn round tomorrow and do the other side but that’ll take longer as that was the side next to the pontoon and has twice the number of sticky webs on it.

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