Tuesday, 9 August 2011


We moored at Pershore last night and continued on down the river after lunch. Yesterday had been quite overcast and extremely windy but today was lovely, bright and sunny but still quite breezy.

This section of the river is absolutely beautiful and teaming with wildlife.

We saw lots of herons, swans, mallards and coots and then came across this solitary Egret. I haven’t seen one of these before, it’s like a small white heron.

A bit further on we came across a herd of deer, not sure what type so if anyone can enlighten me I’d be very interested. We cut the engine and drifted past and they watched us watching them for quite a while. There were several youngsters and the total herd must have numbered around 15-20, stunning!

I was very pleased to see this modification to the lock beam at Strensham Lock. The bit of padding made it so much easier to open. Maybe BW could adopt this when refurbishing locks?

After passing beneath the M5 motorway we got to Tewkesbury at about 6pm, a bit late maybe as all the moorings were taken.

M5 rush hour
In an effort to find a suitable mooring we cruised down to the end of the navigation and turned round in front of the weir. It’s lovely down there with some really beautiful cottages, but no public moorings.

end of navigation

When we got back to the main moorings a hire boat very kindly offered to let us breast up with them. We’ll move to a better mooring tomorrow as we intend staying another night to give us plenty of time to explore Tewkesbury.

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