Tuesday, 2 August 2011


During a long walk the other day we came across a large field with several pig pens. At first we thought they were deserted but then noticed that most were occupied by sleeping pigs. In the corner of the field there was a deep mud wallow, kept wet by a water feed and being used by 2 very contented HUGE piggies. They were fast asleep and snoring softly. It was a very hot sunny day and they were covered in the mud, using it as sunscreen.

The weather has continued hot and sunny and we haven't had any significant rain since we've been here. The harvest is in full swing and the sound of combine harvesters can be heard most days. The only draw-back is the dust they produce has covered all the boats. Even the water in the marina has a film of scummy dust on the surface. The first thing I intend doing when we leave next week will be to wash and polish the boat. It's not possible to do it here as the water level is so low that the pontoons are too high to work from, they come half way up the boat sides.

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