Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A new fly screen

A couple of weeks ago we had problems with flies coming in through the fly screen on the side hatch which I'd bought from Aldi a couple of years ago. It was originally meant to be a door screen but I'd cut it down to fit the hatch. It was in 4 sections and the flies were crawling in between these sections.

each section is weighted to stop it flapping in the breeze
When we were in Evesham recently I bought some net curtain fabric to make a new bug-proof screen as a replacement.  The screen is clamped into a flat plastic track which then fits inside the reveal of the side hatch and is held in place by velcro. Simple, but it works well.

I took the weights out of the old screen and sewed them into the bottom of the new one and these hold it in place so it's not blowing in the wind.  The flies haven't managed to get round it so far, so for the £2 it cost me for the new net fabric it's my bargain of the week.

the weights go on the outside of the hatch

the finished fly screen

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