Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thanks a lot B.W.

At 9.00 this morning a couple of guys on lawn mowers went past the boat, cutting the verges on the towpath. They were followed by a guy with a petrol strimmer who cut the bits missed by the mowers, right along the edge of the towpath alongside our boat.  If he’d asked we’d have been more than willing to move the boat , but he didn’t and the boat was splattered with grass cuttings, dog poo and other shredded detritus.

It was a warm sunny morning and by the time we’d got dressed and gone out to clear up, everything had baked onto the paintwork.  It took us 2 hours to wash it off and as we were drying the boat we noticed several chips in the paintwork as stones had been flung up by the strimmer!

By this time we’d decided to stay put so Roger got the “Finesse” out and went over the whole side of the boat ready for waxing later and so that he could touch up the paint chips.  Needless to say he wasn’t in a good mood and it’s a good job the B.W. men didn’t come back our way.  I did a load of washing while the engine was running charging the batteries and hung it out to dry on the whirly gig.

Later on Roger took Chico for a walk along the canal and came across another moored boat covered in grass etc. By the time it’s owners come back it’ll be so dried on it’ll be a real pain to clean off.

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Rojer said...

Could be worse: Nb Dreamcatcha had two windows broken by BW t'other day at Stret Lock pound on Chesterfield canal. (Stones thrown up by the mower)