Thursday, 22 September 2011


Surprisingly we’ve actually seen 4 moving boats today! We haven’t seen anyone for days but I expect as they were all going towards Liverpool they plan on being there for the weekend.

Roger checked and topped up the batteries this morning and then we carried on to moor at Crooke village for the night.

The towpaths along this stretch are really geared up for cyclists, even the signposts  are measured in cycling minutes rather than miles.

Crooke is a small village with a marina in the centre. We took Chico for a walk around and came across the Crooke Hall Inn. Looking in the window we noticed several hand pumps and a dart board so after taking him back to the boat we returned for a pint and a game.

The pub has just been refurbished and is really smart inside.  It’s tied to the All Gates Brewery which is one we haven’t come across before and had 8 different beers on. I had the All Black which was a really nice chocolate mild. The dart board was brand new and we had a few games, I even won one!!

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