Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bunbury, Beeston & Tattenhall

Yesterday we moved on to Tattenhall. We had a good journey and passed a few other moving boats.  It’s about 6 years since we last came this way but little has changed.

At Bunbury Staircase Lock we met a boat coming up, so as we were going down we passed in the middle. That certainly speeded things up and I was glad of the help with the lock gates which are heavy on all the locks on this section.

At Tilstone Lock there’s a memorial under the holly tree. What a beautiful spot to bury a beloved pet.

The land at Beeston is very soft sand so when the canal was built in 1787 the banks kept collapsing. To solve this problem, one lock was built from stone slabs and the other built from iron plates.

double click on the photo to read the details

The lock cottage beside Beeston Stone Lock used to sell wonderful home-made pies, cakes and preserves but closed down a few years ago.

 Behind the cottage there’s a large rabbit warren in the sandy hill.  There were lots of bunnies scampering about.

We moored outside Tattenhall Marina on the 48 hr moorings ready to move in tomorrow morning. Like the moorings at Calveley, these are also dedicated winter moorings and there are already a couple of boats here paying BW for the privilege.

I won't be posting a blog  for a few days as we're going to visit our daughter. Hopefully I'll be able to give you a photographic tour of Newcastle when we get back. Have a good weekend everyone.

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