Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sykes Hollow

It’s been a really dismal day today, grey skies with fine drizzle at times. After a quick trip to Tesco to stock up, we moved about 8 miles and 2 locks to moor at Sykes Hollow picnic and BBQ area.

It’s beautiful here with all the trees in their autumn foliage and I'm watching a squirrel sitting on a branch, eating a nut, just opposite my window. We thought we’d be alone as the canal’s been very quiet all day, but just as it was going dark another boat turned up.

Just as we were leaving Middlewich we passed this 4ft tall tree laden with red fruit. They are about the size of a cherry, but are hard and shiny.

Does anyone have any idea what they are as they look edible to me but I haven’t seen them before so I didn’t pick them. Could they be a variety of crab apple?

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nb Chance said...

Lovely site to stop at Sykes Hollow now they have tidied it, we stopped there in June and had a lovely time there. Keep up the great blog. Doug