Friday, 9 December 2011


Tuesday night saw us moored back in Chester. This time we used our new security feature to make sure the little loves couldn't untie us again. Roger bought some plastic covered wire rope and made a loop at each end. The plastic stops it rubbing the paintwork and the loops mean we can pass it through mooring rings or pilings and back up to the centre mooring ring to fasten the 2 ends together with a padlock. Job done for less than a tenner!

On Wednesday we carried on up the 5 locks out of Chester to moor at Christleton, outside the Cheshire Cat pub.  It had been a bit breezy but had again been a bright and sunny day, perfect for cruising.  This all changed however, as the gales and heavy rain settled in for the night, so much so that it was too windy to carry on on Thursday. We spent yesterday cosy and warm indoors, Roger trying to mend his laptop and me knitting Christmas presents, while the gale raged on outside.

This morning all's quiet again and the sun is shining once more. We're moving into Tattenhall Marina again, just for the weekend, while we go off to a Christmas party in Macclesfield.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you again next week.

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