Sunday, 11 December 2011

Tattenhall Marina

We got back from Macclesfield early this afternoon after spending a very enjoyable evening at the Davenport Arms pub/restaurant at Marton. The food wasn't as good as on previous visits but the company was good and it was great to catch up with old friends.

Opposite the entrance to the marina there's an ice-cream farm and we called in to have a look on the way home this afternoon. It wasn't very busy, just a few families with young children so we stopped and had an ice-cream cornet. I had "cherry crumble" and Roger had "sherry trifle", both very nice and it's a good job the freezer's full or I may have been tempted to get a "take-away" carton.

We've put the Christmas decorations up, but as we're still planning on cruising until closer to Christmas we haven't put the outside lights up yet. It won't seem like Christmas is nearly here until Roger gets the roof covered, he's just a big kid at heart!

Our mooring here in the marina is covered by the web-cam so if you're interested you can spy on us here


Paul and Elaine said...

I just checked the webcam and there was no sign of life! Mind you it was 3.50am over there ;-)
Do you come from Macclesfield? My other half Elaine is a Macc girl.

Yvonne said...

At 3.50am it was blowing a gale and the boat was rocking. Today it's as sunny as your photos from Oz but it's only 4'C brrrrr.....
We moored at Macc Marina for 5 years before becoming continuous cruisers, so know the area well and still have many friends there.

A Heron's View said...

I feel like a long distance voyeur now ! :)