Monday, 30 January 2012

Lock update

It's been a nice day here in Chester, bright and sunny but with a bitter twist. It only managed to get up to 3' and a brisk pace was needed to keep warm when we went out for a walk.
We went back up to Greenfield Lock to check on the progress.  Arriving at 3.45 the workmen had disappeared but we could see the progress they've made. The new lock gates have now been fitted and the paddle gear is back in place. The pointing looks to be almost finished too, so hopefully the lock will re-open on schedule and set us free.

Although Chester Council are superb at cleaning the streets and towpath of rubbish there's always a lot of it floating in the canal and every morning we have a bag full of polystyrene food containers, drinks cartons and bottles trapped up against the boat. We've started picking it out of the water and taking it to the nearest litter bin but I fear we're fighting a losing battle. Today it filled a black bin bag rather than the usual carrier bag.

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