Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Still in Chester

We've been away at our daughter's wedding. It was at Gretna green and was a small, intimate and friendly service held "over the anvil"  in the forge, followed by a lovely reception. The couple didn't want a big wedding with a lot of fuss and my daughter made the bouquets, button holes and wedding favours herself and they worked together to make the cake between them. It was a two tier chocolate cake surrounded by chocolate fingers and sprinkled with edible glitter and was absolutely delicious!

I'd been a bit anxious about leaving the boat in the middle of Chester but when we got back it was just as we'd left it.  It was a different matter on Saturday night though. We were woken at 4.30 by strange noises on the roof which turned out to be a guy trying to untie our centre mooring rope. Roger yelled at him and he ran off and when we went outside to investigate he'd already untied and removed the bow and stern ropes. He must have been either drunk or drugged up as he hadn't noticed that alongside the centre rope is our steel wire rope and padlock!  Even if he'd removed the rope the boat wouldn't have gone anywhere.  We've now bought bright green locking chains and fastened them between the taff seat posts and the mooring ring so hopefully we won't have any more visits.  The work at Greenfield locks has finished so we should be able to leave on Friday as planned, providing the canal doesn't freeze over again that is.

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