Monday, 16 January 2012

TV repair man

On Thursday evening our TV packed up. It just wouldn’t switch on and the green power light was flashing red.  It’s only just 3 months out of it’s 3 year warranty and we didn’t fancy having to replace it or pay exorbitant repair costs so Roger went on the internet and found a forum specific to TV problems. Aparently the main problem with modern TV’s is the capacitors which are only rated at between 1000 - 2000 hours i.e. just about 3 years.

the replacement parts -  cost less than £2
He managed to find the capacitors on-line so stripped the TV down to have a look and see if that could be the problem.  Low and behold, one capacitor had blown and 2 more were showing signs of deterioration so he ordered replacements which were delivered and replaced today.  Total cost for the repair?  Under £9 which included 5 of each type of capacitor and postage and the job took less than half an hour.  My husband the hero!

Incidentally, in case he couldn’t repair the TV he also sourced a suitable replacement TV online for only £139 plus delivery. However did we manage before the internet?

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Adam said...

He could set himself up as a mobile tv repair man!