Monday, 20 February 2012


There's not a lot to tell you about today. It's been pretty over-cast and grey and we've only seen 3 other moving boats.  The only excitement was when we met a hire boat just as we were going through a bridge. He was coming round a bend in the canal so fast that he couldn't stop when he saw us and ended up ramming his boat into the towpath. Then, of course, he couldn't get the boat off the bank again so his wife came out to see what was going on and she was still in her fluffy pink pyjamas. I know it's a laid-back way of life but it was 4pm!!!

I've never seen so many snowdrops as there are up here. There are great swathes of them all over the place.

The daffodils are starting to appear too.

We're now moored at Chirk and will probably stay here for a couple of days.

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