Sunday, 19 February 2012


When we got up this morning everywhere was covered with a thin dusting of snow and although it's been a lovely sunny day it's been a bit parky too, never getting above 5'C. We kept getting glimpses of snow covered hills through the trees and it made for a lovely day's travelling.

We're now moored in the canal arm at Ellesmere. There are a few other boats here, some of which have paid for the winter moorings and have been here for a while.

Tesco have a store here, right beside the canal.  Shopping doesn't get much easier than that and I nipped in just before closing to stock up on fruit and veggies.

There's a Sculpture Trail here at Ellesmere. We might walk round it and take some more photos when we come back in a couple of weeks. In the meantime here's a photo of the "sculpture" which is opposite our mooring.

It's called "Canal Boat" and is described on the website "The landscape can be viewed through the perspective of the canal tunnel and the framework of the canal boat".  Now I know it's supposed to be art, BUT it just looks like a child's climbing frame to me!

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