Sunday, 4 March 2012

Queen's Head

We continued our journey today and moored on the Queen's Head visitor moorings so that we can go to the pub for Sunday lunch tomorrow.  The weather's changed to sunshine and showers but this gave us a beautiful rainbow  this evening.

We had a bit of a problem today. The kitchen sink tap developed a leak about 1cm up the side of the pillar.  The metal must have had a flaw in it which has split into a hairline fracture and was dribbling onto the sinktop.
This gave Roger the chance to try something he'd bought a few months ago "just in case".  It's an epoxy repair putty specifically designed for this kind of repair and worked perfectly.

The patch doesn't look very pretty but should tide us over until the replacement tap we've ordered from ebay arrives.

If you'd like to add the putty to your tool box "just in case" it's available from hardware shops or from ebay and costs under £6.

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