Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday at Queen's Head

It being Sunday, we went over to the Queen's Head pub for lunch. We haven't been here before but judging by how busy the car parks have been both last night and today we were hoping for good things. It was very busy but we didn't have to wait very long for a table and as they serve Old Speckled Hen on tap we didn't really mind the wait.

The menus are displayed on blackboards around the pub and there's a good selection of home-made starters and mains to choose from but, as usual, we both chose the roast beef dinner.  At £8.95 this was one of the best Sunday roasts we've had for a long time. It was huge, with a crisp, light & fluffy Yorkshire pudding, plenty of tender beef, 5 veg (broccoli, cauli, green beans, carrots & courgette) really good roast potatoes plus dauphinoise potatoes as well. They even supplied an extra jug of gravy on request.  Together with the Old Speckled Hen it was a perfect way to spend Sunday lunch.

After lunch we took Chico out for a walk down the canal. It's a good job we did really, as the pound between Aston Locks 2 & 3 was empty.  The lock paddles were all shut and there was no sign of a breach so I've no idea why it's empty that but until it's re-filled we won't be going any further.  When we got back Roger reported it to B.W. 

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