Monday, 5 March 2012

What a difference a day makes

British Waterways were on the ball this morning. The lengthsman had been to check the empty pound and started letting water down to refill it. He phoned us late morning to thank Roger for notifying them about the problem and by lunchtime the water level was back to normal so we carried on to Maesbury Marsh.

We're now on the visitor moorings opposite the Navigation pub, which doesn't open on Mondays.

Just through the next bridge is the service block.

The black box by the waterside is a boat counter. There's another one on the opposite side of the canal.

We've had a wander round Maesbury Marsh but apart from a farm shop and the pub, it's basically a just a village housing estate.  A bit further down the canal is Canal Central which is supposed to be a tourist information centre, canal-side shop and tea rooms. It's also supposed to sell the cards for the pump-out machine at the services but it looks like it's either closed for the winter or shut-up and finished.  The BW signs are a bit out of date too.

2008 opening times!

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Adam said...

Fellow bloggers on Rock'n'roll went to Canal Central a few days ago, so it must still be open. Maybe the whole village is shut on a Monday. If you're staying longer, The Navigation does excellent food, and would be worth a visit.