Sunday, 3 June 2012

It's a wash-out

Our son arrived for the weekend yesterday. He doesn’t drive so cycled here instead……80 miles!    I doubt I could cycle 8 miles never mind 80. Oh to be young.

You can tell it’s a Bank Holiday weekend as the weather’s been atrocious.  This is the underpass near The Mailbox. It’s been so dismal you could see the fancy lights which normally only show up when it’s dark.

We went out to watch a 50’s review show but it was cancelled due to the weather and half of the stalls at the Food and Craft Market had either not turned up or packed up and gone home. It was such a shame but there were hardly any people about.  At the bandstand this group of youngsters were bravely carrying on but the audience was only about 30 people.

The rain didn’t stop these street performers though.  They were absolutely soaked but were carrying on regardless.

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