Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Messing about on the river

Let's have another go, see how Blogger behaves tonight.............

First thing this morning we walked up to Morrisons and almost cleared them out as the fridge, freezer and cupboards were empty.  It's just under a mile and normally we'd walk both ways, but the granny trolley was full to bursting and we had 5 other bags full as well, so we got a taxi back.  It only cost £4.40 and the taxi driver even helped carry our bags back to the boat for us.  The service we've had recently from both taxi drivers and supermarket delivery men has been amazing, so much better than the surly miserable ones we used to get stuck with when we still lived in the house. It seems that as soon as you mention you're on a boat they can't do enough to help!

The weather's improved tremendously and it's been hot and sunny again, so as our River Avon Festival licence started today we moved down the lock and onto the river.  This has to be one of my most favourite moorings ever.  Stratford is a beautiful city and the moorings beside the Recreation fields are particularly good, with plenty of interesting things to watch both on the river and on the fields.

The rain's done wonders for my tomatoes, the only thing they need now is lots more sun..........

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