Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 2 on our island

The rain continued for most of yesterday but by late evening the river level had started to go down a bit and we managed to get down the plank again to take Chico off for a wee.

You can see just how little "dry" land there was left but he enjoyed his walk up and down the thin patch of grass

Just before that photo was taken a group of canoists came past.  Some bravely went down the river weir but these 2 boats took the easy route through the lock

By the time we got up this morning the water level had gone down about 6ins and we now have our own private little island.  In between very heavy down-pours it's been hot and sunny enough to sit out

Chico's enjoyed being able to sunbathe in the grass even though it's still very damp.  He's been paddling but I've kept his harness and lead on in case he gets swept away as the current is very strong.

Even though we've no digital or satellite TV Roger managed to watch the Grand Prix qualifying yesterday and the race today on the Internet.  He used THIS WEBSITE and reckoned it was almost as good as the TV.

I'm not interested in sport of any kind so I've been doing some more hooky.

girly shoes

baby sneakers

The next pair are going to be UGG type boots. Well a baby girl can never have too many booties, can she?

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