Monday, 9 July 2012

Floods Day 4

The river level dropped by 6ins overnight and then over the course of the morning it dropped another couple of inches so we can now get across the lock landing which means we are no longer isolated and can get to the village easily.

You can see from the marker board that it's still 2ft 6in in the red.

We didn't really need any shopping as we're still well stocked with with food and drink, but we fancied a walk so we cut across the fields into Bidford on Avon to check out the state of the river there.  We met Brian on n.b. Kyle who was moored on the village poles, along with a really nice American couple who were also stuck, half way through their hire boat holiday.

Just after I took this photo the narrowboat on the top left of the photo decided to go for it and set off up-stream.

He made it through the bridge hole with very little headroom and needed full throttle to battle the current. By the time we'd got back to the boat he'd made it up through Barton Lock too, but talking to a canoeist later, we were told that he'd really had to struggle to get into the lock cut as the weir current was so strong.  He must be mad!  He told the canoeist that "he had to be somewhere"......let's hope he gets there safely, rather him than me.

The canoeist was a really nice guy who was having a great time "shooting the rapids" down the weir.  I've been thinking about getting a canoe but I doubt I'd ever have the nerve to try anything like this.


Gary said...

Really nice to meet you's today, love the blog and keep floating :-)Thanks for the photo's.

Sue said...

Stuck here on the Nene we have also had a few boats go through although the river is technically closed and on red flags.

One went by tonight enquiring if we were going in the lock. I said the river was on red boards and he said that he had a phone call from EA this morning to say it was open.

I checked and it certainly is not. I hope he doesn't pass this information on to other boaters.

Glad to see the water is down somewhat and you have been able to move to make life more comfortable.

As a PS your day 5 blog came through on my feed, but when I clicked on the title to make a comment it is not on your blog!



Yvonne said...

Thanks for telling me about the missing blog. I'm having BIG problems with blogger at the moment, it seems to have a mind of it's own, just when I think I've got it sorted it throws up another spanner :-)