Wednesday, 25 July 2012

It's a bit hot!

I keep upsetting my mother and my daughter. They live up North and every time I've spoken to them recently it's been raining, whereas here in Stratford it's been gorgeous weather. I'm not complaining, but I'd like it just a little cooler tomorrow please as we're heading back up the Stratford Canal and those locks will be hard work if it's still as hot.

Our neighbours have been a lovely German family on an old hire boat. They've been making the most of the sunshine by eating all their meals picnic style on the roof.

Earlier in the afternoon another hire boat tried to turn round in the basin and ended up ramming them so hard the cabin side was dented.  The 2 boats swapped details and Stefan asked us to be a witness, just in case the hire firm tried to with-hold his deposit.

It's been interesting watching the antics of some boaters round here.  One guy came up out of the lock at full throttle, heading for the low bridge out of the basin and rocking all the moored boats as he passed.  He was still going quite fast as he ripped his chimney off.  That took the smug look off his face pretty quickly, I can tell you.  Another boat arrived through the bridge with a child lying on the roof. There was only a couple of inches clearance but they didn't seem to think it a problem.

You can see that the recession is taking it's toll on businesses here in Stratford as there are lots of empty shops and the ones that remain open are all having sales.  Neither of us are particularly fond of clothes shopping but we found the perfect T-shirt for Roger today in the "Old Guys Rule" shop.

That's him down to a tee, but he keeps insisting he's too young to wear it.

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