Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Stratford upon Avon

We're having a great time here in Stratford. It has to be one of my favourite places to stay, there's so much going on and most of it's free.

Because it's a major tourist destination it's very busy during the day and there are buskers and street entertainers everywhere.  There's everything you could wish to see and hear, including a classical cello duo, classical electric guitarist, violinist, saxophonist, steel drums, children's balloonist and a sword swallowing juggler on a unicycle. They're all very talented too.

Yesterday was extremely hot and once we'd had a trip to Morrisons to stock up we spent most of the day sat on the back deck soaking up the sun and watching the world go by.  It was so hot and sunny and with the mix of foreign languages of the tourists, we could have been in the south of France rather than central England.

We were enjoying an after-dinner drink on the back deck last evening when we heard a girl singing down by the lock.  She sounded very good so we walked over to watch. She had a beautiful voice and was accompanied by an extremely tattooed guy on the bongo drums.

When we arrived, there were about 30 people sat around listening to her but no-one showed any appreciation.  We soon changed that though and started clapping when she finished her song. The guy was shocked and thanked us, saying that it was the first time they'd had any applause. Once the audience got the message, they started clapping too and as the duo warmed to the encouragement they just got better and better.........and the tips they were getting as people left were getting better too. We stayed for half an hour, dropped a few pound coins in the hat and went back to sit and listen on the boat. It'll be interesting to see what mix of entertainment we have around the Basin today, I'll try and remember the camera today and show you later.

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