Friday, 3 August 2012

On to Bournville

This is the stuff that got stuck in our propeller yesterday. It's used as buffering/bump stops at bridges and locks.

Thankfully we didn't collect any more today.

We carried on towards Birmingham, managing to dodge the showers and passed this moored boat on the way. Have you even seen such a tall TV aerial?

This is King's Norton Stop Lock.  It's no longer used but the guillotine mechanism remains.

We're now moored on the visitor moorings, near Cadbury World.  It's quite noisy here as we're opposite the very busy Bournville train station.

We were planning to visit Cadbury World sometime next week, but reading in Nicholson's guide and looking at the BW warning signs beside the mooring telling of thieves working in the area, we may have to change our plans and maybe moor elsewhere and come by train.  Does anyone have any experience of this area?  Is Cadbury World actually worth visiting?


Tucker said...

Hi Yvonne
I went with a group of golden oldies to cadbury World last year. I would say it is really a kids thing. We went many years ago when you actually toured tha factory but now they have created a special factory area for you to see choc bars being wrapped. I certainly woudn't recomend leaving your boat around that area at this time of year, better to moor next to the sea life centre in Birmingham where there is 24 hr CCTV and security who walk around all night and go by bus or train.
Bob June and Phoenix
NB Autumn Myst

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the feed-back, we've decided not to bother with Cadbury World.