Wednesday, 12 October 2011


We had a good time while we were moored in Boothstown and while we had the car we went over to Macclesfield to catch up with friends at both Macclesfield and Lyme View Marinas.  I also popped into Macclesfield to do a bit of shopping, but was very surprised at how much the town centre has changed in the 6 months since we were last there. Several shops have closed and the town centre is starting to look quite run down. Even the indoor market has lost a few stalls. The retail park at Lyme Green has expanded and now has a large Matalan and Next which will be drawing shoppers away from the town centre.   I just hope it’s not a downward spiral as Macclesfield was always one of my favourite places.

After filling up with diesel we cruised back into Castlefield and moored outside Choice bar and restaurant.  It’s not quite as busy as last time we were here but there are still plenty of boats here, many seem to be here permanently.

It hasn’t stopped raining for the past 2 days, that awful heavy drizzle that absolutely soaks you, and the canal level is up.  This has made the water rush even more over the locks down through Manchester.  I feel sorry for the boat moored opposite Lock 92 as the noise from the waterfall over the lock gates is pretty loud!

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