Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Still in Boothstown

The blog's a bit sparse at the moment as we're still in Boothstown. We're trying to sell our house and have been for the past year but nothing is moving in the area at all. The estate agent phoned us on Friday to book a viewing for Monday afternoon which is why we hung around here for an extra day or two and why on Monday morning I went and dusted and hoovered the 'mansion' ready for the potential buyers. I needn't have bothered as the XXXXXXXX  cancelled 10 minutes before they were due!  Nice of them to let us know though as we've had other people booking and just not bothering to turn up.
Anyway, we had a lovely time last night as my sister and her family came to join us for a meal in The Moorings which is the pub we're moored next to.  The food was good and at 2 meals for £10 there were no complaints from any of us. It's my nephew's birthday on Saturday and he'll be 11.....where do the years go?
Hopefully we'll be on the move again tomorrow, probably back to Castlefield for the weekend and then we'll be heading South again.


Alf said...

Have you thought about renting the house out ??
We tried to sell our house earlier this year, not even one viewing in 6 months, put it up to let, 4 viewings in 2 days, let by the third !! so at least its being looked after, rather than sitting there empty costing us money, someone else is paying all the bills & we have a nice little bit extra income !

Yvonne said...

Hi, nice to hear from you. We've already had 2 really bad experiences renting out another house. One where the new tenants came with good references etc. , moved in and paid 2 months rent then defaulted. It takes 6 months before you can do anything legally to get them out and then another 3 months to get rid of them, plus they left a lot of damage. I wouldn't really want to take the risk again so we'll carry on paying the rates etc and hope someone will buy it soon.

Alf said...

Best of luck then !