Monday, 15 October 2012


Sunday was another lovely sunny day.  Roger had recorded the Korean Grand Prix so I made the most of the sunshine and drove the boat to Marple while he stayed inside and watched it en-route. With scenery as good as this I know I got the better option.

Little has changed along the Macc. since we left 18 months ago.  The same continuous moorers are still here, although they may have moved about a bit.  The bridge holes still need the bushes cutting back and the towpaths are still extremely muddy.

We only just managed to get a mooring at Marple, even though we'd arrived early afternoon.  The visitor moorings are full of "lurkers" with the remaining 2 spaces by the pub being taken by a live-aboard who arrived just before us and very selfishly moored right in the middle.

Tomorrow, Monday, we're heading down Marple Locks. We'll be helping David again as he's following us all the way to Manchester on his way back to Preston Brook.

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