Saturday, 13 October 2012


Do you have spiders in your cratch?

When we first moved onto the boat we were plagued by spiders in the cratch. Big fat hairy ones that lurked in the corners and tiny little ones that spun webs like candy floss across the air vents and kept coming back no matter how often I cleaned them away.  Since discovering a spray called No More Spiders, we hardly ever see a spider any more.

Whenever I clean the inside of the cratch, which isn't that often I'm ashamed to say, I spray this stuff in the corners and under the gunwales. As Autumn's arrived the number of spiders outside the boat has increased so I've re-sprayed inside to keep them at bay. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spiders, I just HATE the webs they weave, there's more to life than cleaning, so I've come up with a new idea to keep them out of the cratch.

This is a small space fly killer that's readily available and which we hang in the cratch throughout the summer to help keep the flies out of the boat.  It works very well, but now that the flies have gone I thought I'd re-use the out-of-date cartridge to deter the spiders.

Using a knife I prised the two halves apart and removed the insect repellant pad, which I replaced with a piece cut from a cotton wool make-up remover pad. I then soaked this with No More Spiders and clipped the two halves back together again.

This is now hanging back in the cratch, hopefully keeping the little web-weavers away.

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