Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Back in Manchester

Well we're back in Manchester again!  Apart from the usual 4 or 5 "lurkers" who have been here since last Autumn, Castlefield Basin is fairly empty.

We filled up with water at the service block on the way in.

It used to be a really dirty horrible place, full of boaters rubbish which was dumped here even though there are plenty of rubbish skips just round the corner but I'm happy to say that it's been cleaned up and this notice seems to be having the desired effect.

It's now dark around 5pm and although I miss the sunny evenings of summer, it's nice to sit by the fire and indulge my passion for crochet.  This is the latest little cardigan I've made for my granddaughter. She's now 6 months old and growing so fast she's keeping me busy. The stash of wool under the bed is dwindling rapidly, I feel a shopping trip coming on!


Julia & Mark said...

Best place for wool in Manchester, Abakhans on Oldham street or Purl City yarns on Port Street.
The cardigan is lovely!

from a fellow crocheter

Yvonne said...

Thanks, I last stocked up at Abakhan in Chester, spent FAR too much :-) but I've never heard of Purl City, will have to pay a visit.