Friday, 22 February 2013

The Forecasters were wrong AGAIN!

Yesterday, with the weather forecasters predicting another big freeze last night,  we decided we'd better go to Marple and fill the water tank. It's only about a mile away from where we're currently moored and was a nice short cruise in the sunshine. While Roger filled the tank I nipped into Marple town to refill the cupboards. It showed how out of condition I've become over the past couple of months as the slog back up the hill pulling a full shopping trolley had me absolutely knackered. Normally it would hardly have raised my pulse. We turned round at the junction and returned to our spot opposite the deer park where we've been joined by another two boats.

This morning we expected to be frozen in but the temperature hadn't even dropped below freezing overnight. If we'd known that, we'd have gone on to Bugsworth yesterday. Never mind, we'll stay here for a while longer, it's quiet and the dog walkers are well behaved hence the towpath is both poo and litter free.

This afternoon I decided I'd have to start trying to build up my stamina so we went for a long walk. Just after we set off it started snowing. It wasn't much but over on the hills towards New Mills it was sticking and the puddles in the fields were frozen.

We passed some lovely houses. This one was quite modest compared to some of the others!

It didn't feel very cold but there were icicles hanging in this tree.

We walked in a circle going towards High Lane and ended up at Ridge End at The Romper pub (now for sale) then cut across the back of the deer field back to the boat. Total distance was just over 3 miles, not bad to start with and hopefully I'll soon be back to walking our normal 5+ miles. Chico really enjoyed himself too.

I saw an advert for a porthole for dogs on the internet. If we could retro fit one in the boat Chico could watch the fish

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