Monday, 25 February 2013

A Cruising Day

Yesterday we walked the mile and a half back into Marple and had lunch at the Ring o'Bells. As usual the meal was excellent.

The big freeze hasn't materialised so today we cruised back to Gurnett. I've got more chemo this week so we'll need the car and Gurnett is a good spot to park it. We stopped off at Higher Poynton for lunch and walked down to the recycling centre to get rid of the used engine oil from the engine service Roger did the other day. Oil disposal is a major issue on the canals with places to get rid of it being few and far between.


Mich said...

Hi Yvonne and Roger
We have been moored behind you at the deer farm for the past four days. I seem to have missed you and after coming back from Manchester this afternoon was going to come and say hiya!My reaction as I came round the corner was one of Oh no they've gone. Never mind perhaps we can meet up again sometime soon.
Regards Michelle and Barry nb Just Imagine

Yvonne said...

We'll be at Gurnett for a few days so if you're passing stop by and say hello

Mich said...

Hi Yvonne
We will be tootling from between Higher Poynton and Marple for the next few weeks at least however if we make it to Gurnett we will come and say hello or we will perhaps see you somewhere on the Mac or Peak Forest before we start the next part of our journey in April.