Monday, 15 July 2013

Down the Rochdale Nine

Yesterday (Sunday) we carried on into Manchester. We don't do early starts so it was 11.00 when we got to the top lock which takes you down underneath Dale Street and the Malmaison Hotel.

Usually it's very smelly down there as it's a very popular sleeping place for the tramps and alky's but this time it wasn't too bad. Presumably they're all sleeping outside at the moment as the weather is so nice.

It was very quiet through Canal Street and even though it was almost midday the bars were only just setting up their tables and chairs overlooking the canal.

A bit further down the canal we found some of the tramps camped beside the lock. The one sat up in the middle was totally out of his head on some dubious substance and actually keeled over while we were waiting for the lock to empty. I felt sorry for their two dogs and left a pile of dried dog food on the lock side. Yes, I know, I'm just a big softie.

There are some lovely city centre apartments and bars along this stretch of canal.

This is our son James helping with the locks.

Roger doesn't let me work the locks at the moment, but when he wasn't looking I snuck off the boat and closed one of the gates.

This was one of the bars along Deansgate Locks, beside lock 91.

The last lock of the day is right beside Dukes 92 bar and restaurant and as it was a sunny Sunday they had 2 huge BBQ's going. The smell of chargrilled steak drove Chico wild.

This was Katie pretending to drive the boat while I nipped off to take the photo.

It's one of the heaviest locks on the canal and it took both of them to shift the gate.

Beetham Tower in the background. The water levels were lower than we've seen before but still high enough to pour over the top gates.

Chico's such a poser! He was a bit put out that he had to stay on the boat while we went to The Wharf for lunch. It's a dog friendly pub but it was too busy to take him and expect him to behave with so many other dogs there.

One meat platter and one seafood platter......between four of us....perfect after a 3 hour trip. The beer was pretty good too!

If you're in the area next weekend the Wharf are celebrating their 1st birthday with live music and BBQ's all afternoon.

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Paul and Elaine said...

Good pub the Wharf, we enjoyed a few nights in there with the doggies.
Glad you are on the move again.