Thursday, 1 August 2013


This is SO true!  

Having cancer has shown how many false friends we had. The good ones have been amazing and will always be friends. 

Then there are the false friends who only wanted to know us for what they could get out of us but showed their true colours when I told them about my diagnosis.

I know both the good and bad read this blog. Thank you good friends, we couldn't have got through this without you.  To the false friends - you know who you are and just what you can do.......

Enough said


Jaqueline Biggs said...

I don't believe our paths have crossed on the cut but I love your blog and I've linked to ours. I am an ovarian cancer survivor. I will be holding you in my thoughts and sending positive energy your way. Kicking cancer's Ass was my mantra for the 2.5 years I went through treatments. Sending you hugs along the cut.
"Jaq" Jaqueline Biggs
NB Valerie

Takey Tezey Heth said...

Hi Yvonne,

Chin up lass, your good friends will see the real you. Who you are, without needing to focus on your health in every sentence. Say goodbye to those who can't see past a "label."

What you've said so reminds me of this post of mine:

Remain positive my dear & don't let those who don't understand get you down. Simply ask them to do their homework & lose the label or stay away.

Remember you come first, way before a medical condition when it comes to conversation. The exception being if you want to talk about it to a trusted friend

Heth xxx