Sunday, 28 July 2013

Just Pottering about

As most of my hospital appointments are early in the morning we can still go cruising for the rest of the day. On Thursday we needed to fill up with water and food so we headed off to Leigh. We filled the water tank at Plank Lane and then turned round and moored in Leigh town centre and walked to the market. It was a beautiful day but unfortunately even the sunshine couldn't make Leigh shopping centre look any better than it is. Basically the place is just one road full of take-aways and charity shops. I counted 8 charity shops and another large Oxfam shop was just in the process of being fitted out.

It's two years since we cruised on the Bridgewater Canal and in the meantime there have been quite a lot of changes. This is one of them. Four disused lock gates now being used as "art" The inscription reads "UNLOCKED".

We're just about to install solar panels on the boat. I hope Roger doesn't get as carried away as this house owner!  He needs to leave me plenty of room for my plants.

We decided against mooring back in the marina and stayed the night out on the main line instead.

Early the next morning this swan brought her cygnets round for breakfast. I need to stock up on floating duck and swan food. I usually buy a bag in the spring, it's so much healthier than bread and one 4kg bag lasts me all year. Needless to say, I NEVER feed the Canada Geese. They are just vermin and carry salmonella and e-coli which can make dogs very ill. There are too many of them on the canals and in my opinion they should be culled in spring, similar to what happens in other countries like New Zealand.

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MMM said...

Lovely to read your blog and catch up on all your activities.
I'll keep an eye on you so I can pop in to say hello when you're in my part of the world. MMM xxx