Friday, 6 September 2013

A Mooring Scam

When we were coming up Marple locks the other day we found 2 of these laminated signs discarded beside one of the locks. You can imagine our comments....W T F ????

Moorings around Marple are always hard to find and if this were legitimate that would just be ridiculous. There are enough over-stayers there as it is!

Just before we popped off to the pub a C&RT man came round asking if we'd found the signs as he'd been despatched from the local office to investigate following complaints from boaters.  It seems someone had removed the 48hrs restriction notices and gone to a lot of trouble to produce these laminated signs which they had then stuck up on the moorings post.  The boater who had reported them had pulled them off in disgust. The C&RT man said he had to take them back to his manager for further investigation as whoever made them had used the C&RT logo illegally. He also had to order new 48hr restriction signs....God knows how much that will cost. I just hope whoever came up with this scam is happy. C&RT can waste enough money on their own without boaters forcing them to waste even more!


Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Having seen the new suggestions from C&RT for moorings on the K&A they might as well send those signs over there, they will fit the bill perfecly.

nb Chuffed said...

Hi Yvonne, responding to your previous post;
those 'orchids' look to be Himalayan Balsam, a garden introduction which has become invasive - very pretty, but it prevents native plants growing by shading them out. There are now 'balsam-bashing' working parties in the south-west, where it is a problem, so I pull it out if I can reach it! If you get it before the seeds pop the plant will die. And I agree, the smell is not very nice.
Best wishes, Debby