Friday, 20 September 2013

On to Bollington

We've had a few days away visiting our 16 month old grand-daughter. She's gorgeous but absolutely wore me out! 

Today we set off for Bollington as we're going to the theatre this evening. We're going to see the Mikron Theatre Company who are performing at the Arts Centre.

We stopped on the way at Macclesfield water point. This has been moved from near the Puss in Boots pub as the guy who owns the house beside the water point kept calling the police complaining about boats running their engines while filling up. He'd had CCTV installed and was a real nuisance screaming and shouting at boaters.  Unfortunately C&RT have installed a really flimsy new water point on the wharf at their maintenance depot. It's not been there very long but is already showing signs of wear and is quite wobbly.

Herons must have had a very successful breeding season this year as we've seen several today, more than usual.

We've also started seeing some of the "mutant" ducks that inhabit this section of the Macclesfield Canal. This one was huge and had 2 pom-poms on its head.

Bollington Aqueduct was almost full when we arrived but we managed to squeeze on the end.

It's a long way down!


Wozie nb Oakfield said...

We like your pic of the new ss tap at Congleton Wharf, but were dismayed to read that it was already showing signs of wear and 'wobbly'.
Do you know that C&RT are replacing all waterpoints with these?
I think we need to stop this lunacy before it's too late.
Perhaps you could help.

Yvonne said...

Another bad design point with these new water points is that you can't get a water container under the tap. When people have complained to C&RT they have been told that the new water points were only designed for hose pipes!
Replacing all the old cast iron water stand pipes with these flimsy ones is just a total waste of money.