Saturday, 26 October 2013

Black Country Museum

It was another nice sunny day again yesterday and we arrived at the Black Country Museum in time to nip in and get fish and chips for lunch.

The small chippy near the moorings wasn't open so we walked up to Hobb's Restaurant. It's not a restaurant as such, just a chippy with a side room lined with benches where you can sit and eat, so we took ours back to the boat.  The shop reminded me of one I worked in on Saturdays while I was still at school.

After lunch we could see a large plume of very black smoke coming from the museum. It smelled like a steam engine so, thinking it would be a traction engine, we went back in to see what we could find.  It was coming from this building. The photo doesn't actually show how thick and black the smoke was.

I wouldn't like to be the one stoking that engine!

We also popped into the Rock and Fossil shop where I was tempted by this replica dinosaur skull. I thought it could sit on the shelf and keep an eye on Chico but Roger didn't fancy it.

We've been to the museum before but have never seen the trolley buses running. As it was almost closing time there were a few running, taking visitors back up to the exit.

I was pleased to see one of the exhibits was a replica cottage, complete with allotment garden and pig pen.

It was nice to have a quiet mooring spot again. Wolverhampton moorings are secure but VERY noisy with all the traffic and we didn't sleep well on Thursday night

It's Grand Prix qualifying this morning so we'll carry on again as soon as it's over. We need to get a mooring in Birmingham with a decent TV signal ready for the Grand Prix in the morning. I'm lucky that Roger only follows the GP. He doesn't bother with any other sports so our boat is a football and rugby free zone.


Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Unless things have changed at the museum the little chippy cooks in oil but the big one up the top cooks in traditional beef dripping. Clang go the arteries.

K Ville said...

I love the Black Country museum. Been there so many times. Even done the canal trip!

KevinTOO said...

Sorry Yvonne, anarak moment, that's a tram not a trolly bus :(

On the plus side though the fish and chips looked just as good as I remember, are they still cooked in beef dripping?? Heart stopping but oh so yummy :) LOL

Yvonne said...

Yes they were cooked in beef dripping and yes they were delish :-)