Thursday, 24 October 2013

Penkridge Market

There was no lie-in for us yesterday and we were at Penkridge Market by 10.30. If you haven't already been it's definitely worth a visit just to see the poultry and produce auction.

There were lots of cages of birds, everything from tiny quail to large turkeys, even some mallard!

There were crates and crates of quail, hen & duck eggs for eating and plenty of live eggs for hatching too. After the poultry sale there was a general produce auction selling bin bags of windfall apples, allotment flowers etc. etc.

We didn't buy anything from the auction, I was under strict orders to keep my hands in my pockets, but we did stock up on fruit and veg. It was unbelievably cheap. A lot of the non-food stall holders were complaining that there was still no money about and nobody was buying anything. One stall selling coats had Trespass waterproof ski jackets at real knock-down prices and I got myself a nice bargain. Earlier in the year I bought some new waterproof pants which I stowed away in a safe place till safe that I now can't remember where I put them so later today I need to raid the cupboards under the beds.  If I don't blog for a few days you'll know I've been sucked into the black hole that lurks down there.

After lunch we set off again on our journey.

It was a bit windy but very bright and sunny and we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon cruise through Gailey to moor in the middle of nowhere just before Coven.

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