Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hockley Heath

We've been moored at Hockley Heath for a couple of days now. It's a nice quiet spot opposite some long term linear moorings and it's given Roger the opportunity to polish the side of the boat.

Yesterday we walked into Hockley Heath village which is about a mile away. We needed a few groceries but the first shop we came to was this McLaren showroom. Roger just stood and dreamed.

This second hand car was for sale at £149,000  - just slightly out of our price bracket.......

As the weather was so nice and sunny today we decided to walk down the locks to take the rubbish and recycling to the CRT depot at Lapworth. We try and walk at least 2 miles every day but by the time we'd had a detour into Lapworth to pick up a few more groceries and then walked back to the boat our pedometer said it was 4.5 miles. 

Chico got a bit of a fright when he went nosying through an open gate. He came face to face with this scarecrow. He wasn't too impressed and gave it a good barking to.

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