Tuesday, 3 December 2013


After an early shopping spree to Aldi (food) and Tesco (booze) we continued our journey.  There were a few boats moving today, more than we've seen for ages and wouldn't you just know it....a queue for the locks at Fradley!  We followed 3 other boats down the flight but there was a slight delay at Junction Lock as the pound below Hunts Lock was very low and a boat coming up had got stuck in the middle of the canal. CRT were on the case and letting water down and by the time we passed through the water level was back to normal.

At Common Lock two CRT workers were togged up in waders and were clearing out the by-wash.

We're now moored in Alrewas. It's such a beautiful village but even here, moored by the dog bin, Roger got dog shit on his boots....grrrrr it makes me SO MAD!!!

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