Monday, 2 December 2013

Lambs but no boats

We've had another long cruise again today.  We're on a schedule to get through Kegworth Deep lock before it's closed for repairs next Monday, so for the next few days we're hoping to get at least 6 hours a day done.

Deptmore Lock has just re-opened and you can see where CRT have replaced some brickwork and done bits of re-pointing.

It's a shame the quality of the pointing isn't a bit better. You can see where this "pisser" is coming out of a newly pointed joint.

As we came round the bend just out of Tixall Lock we came across a field of very young lambs. Next Easter's Spring Lamb roast dinner maybe?

This is a sight I have never seen before. In all the times we've been to Tixall Wide I have never seen it without any moored boats, or fishermen. It was desserted!  It's one of my favourite mooring places and we've spent many happy days moored here in the past but unfortunately we couldn't stop today.

The bottom gates at Colwich Lock used to be almost impossible to open single-handed but they have been modified since we last passed through. CRT have added weights to the lock beam and Roger told me they are now "a doddle". It makes you wonder why they weren't modified years ago.

Further down the canal is a pig farm where the farmer has started selling diesel from a boat

If we'd known this was here we wouldn't have made the detour up the Shroppie to Turner's Garage.

We're now moored on the aqueduct just before Rugely. Again things have changed for the better since we were last here. Previously we'd always moored on the offside but mooring rings have now been installed on the towpath side.  We'll need to be up early tomorrow as I want to stop off in Rugeley to go food shopping before we put in another full day's cruising. I'll be spoilt for choice as there's an Aldi, Morrisons and a new Tesco.

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