Monday, 24 March 2014

A lorra lorra locks

When I took Chico out at 7.15 this morning it was -3.5'C and the grass was all white and crispy. He was NOT amused, did what he had to do and went straight back in his bed where he stayed until it was time to set off. By that time the sun was shining and the frost had melted but there was a bitter wind blowing which has made today's travelling a bit uncomfortable at times. I try not to use the bow-thruster but boy was I glad of it today. I got pinned against the lock landing on several occasions and if it hadn't been for the thruster Roger would have had to keep coming back down to shove the boat off.

Several of the locks were overflowing

and a couple of them could do with some redial work

but on the whole it was an enjoyable trip. Well what more could you need than blue skies, beautiful scenery and a man to do all the hard work? As almost all of the locks had been set against us he was glad when he did the last one....14 in one day is enough for anyone.

We're now moored above Kibworth Top Lock. Tomorrow will be lock free but we'll still need an early start to get to Market Harborough marina where we're going to be staying for a while.

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K Ville said...

My local lock! You going through the tunnel tomorrow then. Enjoy. Would love to come and wave you through but I'm at work :(