Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Market Harborough

Well the weather's certainly changed!  It's been murky dismal all day and we cruised in drizzle wearing waterproofs for most of the day.

These were our neighbours last night. How can something so cute and cuddly make SO much noise!!!! They woke me at 6.00..... lamb chops were definitely considered for tonight's dinner.

We're now ensconced in Market Harborough Basin for the next week or so.

So far I'm impressed with the moorings. We had a lovely welcome from a couple of boaters who invited us to the local "Spoons" for tea and the pontoons and facilities are amongst the nicest we've encountered so far.

This is "Frank The Plank" a canal art/sculpture that is also a sun dial... and right beside our mooring

Everywhere is immaculate and there are lots of beautiful planters around, so much nicer that some marinas we've stayed in.

We've got another trip up to Manchester tomorrow for my final acupuncture treatment and also a check-up with my oncologist then on Thursday Chico is going on his holidays to a local boarding kennels ( I haven't told him yet) as on Friday we're going on holiday! We're off to Paris for a few days. See you when we get back.

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