Friday, 11 April 2014


Shortly after I'd posted the last blog about the ducklings, the mother took them for their first swimming lesson, not that they needed any instruction. They just jumped over the edge and went for it. Now I can see where the expression "like ducks to water" came from.

Market Harborough is a very affluent area but that hasn't stopped this cruiser being used for target practise, maybe from a BB gun or air rifle.

There are some fantastic houses alongside the canal.

I particularly liked this bungalow as the garden was full of primroses and bluebells.

We had an audience as we passed this field.

Even the moorhens have started nesting

It was such a beautiful day that we only cruised as far as Foxton Village where we moored up and went for a walk.

We've never stopped here before which is a shame as Foxton is a beautiful village. Most of the houses are very grand, this was one of the smaller ones.

This Magnolia tree was stunning

Roger had somewhere in mind for a quiet pint in a beer garden but unfortunately the Black Horse was closed

so we continued walking over the hill to Foxton Locks and did a bit of "gongoozling" (watching boats)

The cafe beside the top lock was open and I can highly recommend the morrello cherry ice-cream!

Over the past couple of weeks the fields have turned yellow as the rapeseed crop ripens. It may look beautiful but it plays havoc with my hayfever!

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