Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thunder and Rain

The sunset last night was quite spectacular

but despite the "red sky at night, shepherd's delight" we've had heavy rain both overnight and for most of today and so we decided to stay here on the meadow and carry on again tomorrow. There was no way I was going cruising during a thunder storm and we've had lots of that this afternoon.

Once the rain stopped at 4.30 we took Chico out for a walk back to the lock, to both dump the rubbish and check-out the works that are being carried out on the weir.

Because of the Spring floods, the works are well behind schedule. I wanted to take some photos of the works being done as, despite the rain, there are lots of men and machines working today, but unfortunately the public footpath has been diverted and I couldn't get anywhere near. The footpath normally goes over the weir, but while the works are being carried out a temporary bridge has been built over the river.

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