Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fenny Compton in the heatwave

I really do LOVE Cropredy. There are lots of quirky little things all around the village, like these flower pots on the canal bridge. If you can't read the blurb it's a "flower bomb" and you are invited to add your own flowers to it.

Every one of the residents we've spoken has been really friendly and seem to enjoy having visitors to their village. Next year we're coming back to do the Fairport Convention Festival. I spoke to one of the villagers who told me that almost everyone takes the week off work and either party's or sets up stalls selling food and drink to the festival goers.

The band which was on in The Brasenose Arms last night are the best we've seen so far this year. The Greg Coulson Band - that's Greg in the middle - played for almost 2 hours with a short break in the middle.

The band had a couple of missing members and the rhythm guitarist had only played with them three times previously, but for me he was the star of the group. Joe Jeffery may only be 20 years old but boy can he play guitar. He's definitely one to watch in the future.

The Brasenose Arms will be getting new owners in July and I hope they won't change the place.  If you're coming to the Fairport Festival this is the line-up for music at the pub (double click on the photo to enlarge it)

Today has been another hot one and we stopped for lunch and a breather after Claydon Top Lock. Once it had cooled down a bit we continued on to moor at Fenny Compton and then took Chico for a walk into the village. It was further that we thought but on the way back we found a short-cut through Fenny Marina which saved us over half a mile.

The hot weather seems to be taking it's toll on some of the privateers. They have almost all been miserable today, whereas almost all the hirers have been happy and smiling. We crossed with one guy in a short pound who was screaming at his wife over their walkie talkie despite the fact that they were no more than 100 yards apart . Poor woman.....I'd have pushed him in to cool him down a bit!

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