Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Napton Water Buffalo

Yesterday we came down Napton Locks in the baking sunshine. It was very busy but we passed other boats at almost every lock which speeded things up a bit. Our friend David was moored on the visitor moorings at the bottom and walked up the locks to give us a hand. What is it about men who haven't seen each other for a while? The pair of them talked and laughed non-stop all the way down the flight.......and they say women gossip! When we finally got to the bottom we moored behind him and adjourned to The Folly pub for a really pleasant lunch in the garden - good food and good beer and even more gossip.

The water buffalo herd half way down the flight have now had their babies. They seem tiny compared to their mothers and are really cute. The Folly Shop near the bottom lock sell gorgeous ice-cream made from their milk and you can also buy buffalo cheese, steaks and burgers.

Does anyone know what this little bird is? I saw quite a lot of them in the bushes as we came down the locks. At first I thought it may be a chaffinch but it's different to the one's shown in my book. It's very similar to a coal tit but they have black bills and this is pale yellow. I've got a feeling it may be a gold finch.


Blue Moon said...

Yes, it's definitely a goldfinch. Louise.

Tucker said...

They Goldfinch and we have seen a lot on the Oxford.
Bob Nb Autumn Myst

Yvonne said...

Thanks Bob & Louise.
You can tell I'm a real novice at this bird watching but I've got an app on my Kindle which is pretty good so I'm slowly learning.