Sunday, 27 July 2014


We're still here in Boston, waiting for the wind to change direction in the Wash.

This is the lock we'll be going through if/when we get the go-ahead. As the lock is only 41ft long we need to pass through when the tidal and non-tidal sections of the river Witham are level so the lock gates at both ends can be opened to let us through.

The channel passes right beside St Botolph's church which is the largest parish church in England and is known locally as The Stump.

At low tide the channel is very narrow, shallow and twisty

This is how it should look when we finally go

In the meantime there's not a great deal to do here in Boston. We've seen the church

We've been told that the viewing platform has superb views out to the Wash but as my back's still bad we didn't bother.

We also walked to see the beautifully restored Maud Foster Windmill which is on the other side of town, beside one of the Witham Navigable Drains.

The rest of our time has been spent sitting in the glorious sunshine and seal spotting.  This is one of the local tame seals. We've been told that there are two but have only ever seen one. It's very friendly and likes to splash the children when they paddle or swim in the river. It then gets out of the water and basks in the sun

It's now Sunday and there's no chance of us making the crossing today. We had heavy rain last night and it's quite windy again this morning. Time is running out as we only had a 7 day window to make the crossing with favourable tides. At this rate I can see us heading back the way we came, but better to be safe than sorry.

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